Most Popular Work Industries in Wisconsin Today


If you live in Wisconsin, you have a lot going for you. According to Forbes, you’re living in the state ranked No. 6 for quality of life. So, you are certainly in the right place to have a career and to settle down. Wisconsin is home to many big employers in growing industries, and if you are actively seeking employment within the state, you have several great opportunities to consider. The Midwest is obviously known for its farming industries, but we’ve also rounded up some information on the energy and power industry, agriculture, dairy farming and brewing industries to give you a comprehensive look at the opportunities you can find for careers within the state of Wisconsin.


Renewable energy is key to the world we’re living in, and Wisconsin is home to many opportunities for those in the energy industry, whether in an administrative and corporate capacity or in manual labor. Those working at energy plants not only deliver electricity and gas, but also educate consumers on economical uses of energy, and the industry is following the trend of changing to renewable sources.

The energy industry in Wisconsin is a great opportunity for anyone currently in school for business or engineering. There are several prominent energy, power and control companies housed in the state that would be great places to start looking. There’s GE Waukesha Motors, Briggs and Stratton, Orion Energy Systems and more. Additionally, the Wisconsin holds the Wisconsin Energy Institute, the Midwest Energy Research Consortium and the new Energy Innovation Center. These companies and institutes bring together people in the industry – from scientists to business leaders, to engineers – to jointly work on research, innovative technology and to nurture startups. If you are partaking in any of the state universities’ highly renowned engineering programs, there are many places you can start working with some of the leading experts in energy and power to help the state become a pioneer in renewable, sustainable energy technology.

Agriculture and Food

Being in the Midwest means Wisconsin is still, at heart, a farming locale. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture is a booming business in the state, because so much of the state’s gross domestic product still comes from agriculture. This allows for careers in food science, manufacturing and operational jobs. The state of Wisconsin is ranked No. 5 for all food manufactured products, No. 1 for whey and No. 2 for crops like potatoes and sweet corn. Given how key Wisconsin is to the country’s food and agriculture production, the agricultural sector is a great industry to break into for your career.

Dairy Industries

Similar in its high-ranking in the agriculture industry, Wisconsin is also incredibly well-known for its dairy industry. Wisconsin is ranked No.1 in cheese production, and No. 2 for milk and dairy cows. That means a lotof the United States’ dairy products are all coming out of Wisconsin and it is a huge industry for anyone in Wisconsin that is job hunting. In today’s world, you wouldn’t need to literally own or work on a dairy farm to be in this industry. As with agriculture, there are food science opportunities, administrative professions and other position options related to the bioscience industry effort to create renewable, sustainable sources of natural products.

Brewing Industries

For as well known in the dairy industry as Wisconsin is, the state is just as known within the beer-brewing industry. Wisconsin is home to big-name brewers like Miller, Lienenkugal, Stevens Point, and formerly, Pabst before it relocated. In addition to those nationally known breweries, Wisconsin has dozens more local, craft breweries all over the state.

Between those housed in the Milwaukee area, the Green Bay area, and the northern part of the state, you have upward of 50 different craft breweries for which to pursue professional opportunities. So, what are some opportunities for work at breweries? You have the obvious of working in the actual brewing portion of these companies: learning the brew process and working in the brew house. Then you could work in the bar, tasting room and tour portions of each business, which allows you to break into the industry if you have no brew experience, but have an interest in the process and have experience in food service. Beyond that, there are management, administrative, communications and media aspects to each brewery, because small businesses like these will likely need more and more people on staff as they grow. Brewing beer is a great industry to check out within Wisconsin, with many different opportunities for professional growth.