How to Adjust Your Social Media Profile When Applying for Jobs


If you are actively looking for employment, something you need to watch out for is what you’re putting out there on the internet while job searching. We are increasingly dependent on social media for most parts of our lives – even the job hunting part – but, you have to remember that for however much time you spend online, your potential new employer spends just as much time online. And he or she can absolutely spend that time to look at your social media pages. What can be seen? The idea can be daunting. But, what can you do if the pictures and comments are already published? What about your crazy friends? So, how, exactly, do you need to curate your online presence while looking for a job? Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your social media profile doesn’t hurt your chances of landing your dream job.

Don’t Hide

Obviously, if you are the kind of person who really doesn’t want to keep an online presence, you don’t need to make accounts while you’re job hunting. But, if you do keep a social media presence, you shouldn’t just delete everything because you don’t want potential employers to see all the insane things you’ve been doing. If your profiles suddenly disappear, there will still be some traces, and it’s bound to look like you are deliberately hiding something, which won’t do you any favors.

Don’t Complain About Your Current Job Via Social Media

This should be a no-brainer, but you definitely should not publicly post about your job if you are not a fan of it. It is a very bad look, and is incredibly unprofessional to complain about your current place of employment if you are actively looking for jobs elsewhere. If you have complaints about work, keep it to private chats with your friends who also hate their jobs.

Limit the Use of Profanity Online

This one goes hand-in-hand with not complaining about your job (especially if you are swearing while complaining). Excessive use of profanity looks equally unprofessional to anyone who is looking at your profiles with no previous knowledge of your personality. We all need to blow off steam sometimes, and sometimes the internet is a great place to do that. But more often than not, the audience to your profanity consists of people who already know you. If someone’s only idea of who you are comes from excessive F-bombs on Twitter, you may not be giving off the best first impression to future employers.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

If you’re using something other than Facebook – LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – to get your name out in the world while job hunting, this is a great opportunity to market yourself to the professional world. Talk about your work experience and skills, obviously, but give a little insight into who you are as a person. An interviewer would likely still ask what you do in your spare time, so if you have hobbies or side projects, make those known in your more professional online spaces. You need to look like a person, not just a list of abilities.

Image Matters: Check Pictures and Remove What You Can

We get it; we all had our wild college days. And, some of us still have the occasional college-like weekend outing. But, unlike when we were in school, sharing all the crazy photos and gory details of bar nights isn’t a good look. If you are going to go to bars and get a little too drunk on a Tuesday night, no one on the internet really needs to know that – and especially not anyone who may want to hire you in the future.

Check Those Privacy Settings

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to change how you act on the internet, then let us offer you this one, last piece of advice: Privacy settings are your best friend. Pick a presentable default picture, don’t have anything inappropriate in your description and run through your settings to make sure that no one that you do not want peeping through your social media information can see your information. Keep your profiles private, so you have a better chance of highlighting the professional you.